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Commissions and Testimonials...




Enquiries welcome. Commissions start at NZ$2200, for a 250x250mm (10"x10") single portrait. Prices vary according to size and complexity.


When I saw the portrait of Hayze Suzy Platt painted I knew I had something that I would treasure for the rest of my life and when Hayze is grown up he will too.
She captured not only his features but his exact expression as well. When I look at the painting it is my son in a way a photograph could never be. If you are looking for a way to capture the magical time in your child's life I can't recommend Suzy enough.






















Suzy was commissioned to paint comGrace Com3.jpgportraits of our two children Jack and Grace, aged 2 and 4 at the time as a 40th birthday surprise for their father. The family was based in Barbados in the West Indies at the time so Suzy had to paint the pictures utilising photographs only. Suzy not only has crafted beautiful images of the children at a wonderfully innocent stage of their lives, but she has also effortlessly captured the essence of their characters; the cheeky smiles and sparkle in their eyes as well as the bright light and colours of the island setting.  
  I gave my wife the picture of Alex for her birthday. When she saw it she cried... Need I say more comALEX.jpg  
  comSofiaMaggie3.jpg Suzy really captured the individuality and character of my two girls - the colouring of their eyes and the highlights in hair are just incredible.  
  Suzy has really captured the individuality and character of my two girls. I love the subtle attention to detail like the highlights in the hair and the wee freckles. Somehow she has really got their personalities too! I have always loved Suzy Platt's work, and to have paintings of my own children is really amazing - I love these works and so do the girls. Now to get child no. 3 done!! comRichelle.jpg  
  I have always loved Suzy's work. Having the opportunity to have her paint your own child makes the artwork so much more special. I love it.